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Thank you for your interest in registering with Please note that is a veterinary internet portal and offers its services exclusively for vets and companies, organizations and institutions collaborating with vets. Please register only if you belong to this group of people. Thank you!

Access data
The vetsXL ID together with your password is your access to As your vetsXL-ID, please use your primary email address. You need your vetsXL-ID for all interactions with, to purchase and subscribe to our web applications, to link your software with and to communicate with us. As part of the registration process and each time you change your vetsXL-ID, we send you an email with a confirmation link which you have to click on for verification purposes. To protect your account, all websites you use to manage your vetsXL-ID are SSL encrypted. You receive the best protection by using a secure password, which should be at least 8 characters long and contain at least one number, capital and lower-case letters as well as punctuation and special characters.
vetsXL ID*:
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In case you forget your password, we will ask you a security question. Together with your date of birth, the respective answer will help us to verify your identify. Please be sure to enter a question which you can answer clearly.
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Personal data
We require your personal data in order to clearly identify you. It will be used exclusively by and never be made available for third parties outside the portal. We use your title, first name, last name and vetsXL-ID in some areas of the portal to clearly identify you. If you send messages through, then we show your title, first name, last name and additional designation in your email signature.
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Practice data
We show your practice name in many areas of in addition to your first name and last name. Enter, for example, "Veterinary Practice at Tannenhof", "Group Practice Dr. Meier and Partner" or "Veterinary Clinic at Burggraben". We use your practice logo in your e-mail signature and to customise your practice in web applications such as easyIMAGE, transaction management or Simply upload a high resolution image file (JPEG, PNG OR TIFF) of your practice logo and crop it to fit.
Practice name:
Practice logo:
This is how your practice logo is displayed at
We use your address for all official documents such as digital invoices or examination orders sent to our partners. Therefore, please be sure to enter the complete and correct address. If necessary, use the second and third lines for additional information.
Internet address:
E-mail settings
By default, messages sent via contain an automatically created e-mail address and your practice name as the sender name. If the practice name is missing, then we will use a combination of title, first name and last name as the sender name. If you don't want to use our suggestions, simply enter a different sender name below. So that you can file your messages, we automatically send a copy (BCC) of every message to your vetsXL.ID. By default, we also use your vetsXL-ID for answers to your messages. If you don't want to use your vetsXL-ID as the address to which BCCs and replies are sent, then you can enter an alternate e-mail address below. We create your e-mail signature from your personal data, your practice data and your address. You can enter more information under the additional information field.
Alternate sender name: e-mail address:
Alternate e-mail address:
Additional information:
SMS settings
We send text messages (SMS) by default with the sender name "". If you wish to use a different sender name, simply enter your preferred sender name below. Note that for technical reasons the sender name must not exceed 11 characters in length and must not contain special characters and spaces. Enter, for example, "VPTannenhof", "GPMeier" or "VCBurggrabn" if the name of your practice is "Veterinary Practice at Tannenhof", "Group Practice Dr. Meier and Partner" or "Veterinary Clinic at Burggraben".
Sender name:
Authentication/Veterinary Certificate
In order to verify the information you provided above, we require proof of your identity and usage authorization. Please send us a copy of your veterinary certificate, license to practice medicine or a similar document. If you have a corresponding document as an image file(JPEG, PNG, TIFF or PDF), then you can simply upload this file to us. In all other cases, please fax the proof to +49 5136 9710 499. Thank you!
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Privacy Policy
Our current policy can be found here Privacy Policy
VetZ newsletter
Take this opportunity to inform yourself through our regular newsletter about our products, services and workshops. We automatically send you news, changes and lots of other useful information about,, easyVET, easyIMAGE, XDR, XCR and VetZ to the vetsXL-ID specified above. If you click on information in our newsletter and visit our website as a result of your clicks, we will record your click behaviour and automatically adjust the content of our newsletter to your needs and ideas. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time and revoke the right to analysis and recording of your click behaviour. This is possible either directly here in your access data or via a corresponding link which is included in every newsletter.